What is the size?

We have a general indication of S-M-L

Ask additional measurements , when in doubt.

Check¬† “How we measure”

What is the prize?

The prize is very reasonable and fixed. Of course you can be lucky at the flea market; but for this collection and all the handlings to optimize the second hand item, it’s a fair prize.

But twice a year several items are for clearance sale. You will be informed in time

Can i have additional photos and info?

Yes, of course. You can obtain photos of details or flaws. All within reason ūüėČ

What is the exact color?

Sometimes colors are different on each screen.

When in doubt about a color, ask for a pantone textile number

What are the shipping costs?

We ship with DHL.  The costs depends on weight and distance. When you check out, you will see the actual additional shipping costs.

As soon as the package is scanned at the service point, you get a notification with your track&trace number.

Can i get an invoice?

Yes, of course. You can , when paying by PayPal ask directly for an invoice. When you forget it, no worries, contact us and we give you an invoice for your bought items

When will i get it?

The delivery time depends on:

-how quickly you’ve paid

-how quickly the money is transferred

-how quickly we pack it (give us 2 days to pack)

-how quick we cycle to the DHL service point(1 hour)

-how good DHL is on delivering goods (in NL  mostly 1 or 2 days)

-how lucky we are when nobody fucks it up

So , approximately, when you have paid , it takes 4 or 5 days to deliver your goodies (in NL)

What if my package is late?

We let you know as soon as we dropped your goodies at the shipping point, that the eagle is in the air. When delivered at a DHL service point, we have no control over the package. The delivery and transport is the full responsibility of DHL. On their site they suggest , the sender can be contacted by you for more information. But we will have as much info as you with the track and trace. On the bright site, we haven’t experienced that a package was completely lost. But you need patience and determination, and we try to support you. To be short, we take no responsibility for shipping after dropping your package at the DHL point

Can i return it?

No, all sales are final. We don’t do refunds or returns. Shipping back and forth is not environmentally¬† friendly. When in doubt, ask additional questions and¬† sleep on it.

Can i sell it to others for more?

Of course you can, you sales miracle. The profit is all yours, as is the guarantee

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