Save the planet, while looking glam


We love vintage. After working in the fashion industry as designers and stylists, vintage and second hand clothes stole our hearts. Totally sustainable, well-made , superior quality, so much choice in color, shape and fun!

All the items we sell are handpicked by us, we look at the quality, fabric and check for damage before we put anything online. We wash all tops and dresses when no dry cleaning is required. We clean and iron, steam and polish. We repair when possible. Therefor all our items are in the best possible condition but we sell vintage, the items are probably a few decades old and definitely not new (except for some belts). Please keep this in mind when buying our vintage.

We will add the following categories to our items:

  • Perfect condition; no stains, not repaired, no discoloration, flawless
  • Good condition: repaired or with small barely noticed flaws
  • Reasonable condition= some tear and wear, more visible flaws, or repaired  
  • Okay condition= still very good wearable, but with tear and wear but the item is so nice we believe in it

The prices are in Euro’s and are not negotiable. All sales are final. Each piece has a very reasonable price. Please take into account that every item is a high quality vintage piece, hard to find and is in perfect condition.

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